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TITLE Boxing Speed BagsA Speed Bag is the equipment generally used for improving the punching skills for Boxing. The Title Boxing Speed Bag not only works on the biceps or the shoulders, but also improves the hand eye coordination of the boxer. This type of speed bag is important for people who wish to work out on the body parts- specially hand muscles. It is also an overall body workout as when the boxing punches are made, the feet also move along with the hands. Knuckles, shoulders and the back of the hand, all of it takes shape.

The boxing speed improves when you get Boxing Speed Bag as the technique to move while punching and hooking off is learnt. The size for the speed bag is selected according to the learning level of the boxer. Generally a boxer with higher category uses the smaller bag which is difficult to hit and harder to aim.

Product Introduction

Title Speed Bag is the best boxing speed bag made up of tough leather. In spite of being tough, it is very light in weight and has all that a punching bag requires. Title speed bag can be used to improve the boxing skills as well as for the upper body workout.  This type of speed bag contributes a long way in developing the hitting, bouncing and hitting techniques.

Product Details

The Title Speed Bag is available in five different sizes from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Each of these bags can be inflated into different sizes and are used according to the Boxer’s level. For beginners it is recommended to use the large sized bag, while for the advanced players, the small or mini bags are perfect. Thus it is a great option to improve the hand speed too. These boxing bags are sturdy in nature, made of high quality leather and are stitched thrice for higher durability. Their loops are square shaped and thus can bear extra wear and tear. Handles, Seams and the inside bladder, all are reinforced to give out best quality and time performance.


The Title Speed Bag comes in a variety of sizes, thus allowing the players to select the one with the appropriate size and mass. Beginners can go with the big sized bags, while the advanced boxers can select the peanut sized bags. As these bags are made up of high quality material, they never look worn out or old. There is no need to fill it with air again and again, or even before it is used the next time. Hence the bags are a great value at an excellent price. This is an added advantage of this durable bag. Though the bag is punched thousand times, it does not loosen its shape; neither does it stretch. They regain their shape after every punch, making it available for use for a longer time than expected. These boxing bags have a nice bouncing tendency, thus providing a superb cardio work out.


The Title Speed Bag is one of the best Speed Boxing Bags, yet it cannot shy away from its disadvantages. The major complaint about this product is into the embedding of its logo on the speed bag. Logo of the Title Speed Bag is embedded right in the center of the bag, thus hurting the boxer while hitting the bag again and again. This needs to be improved or removed by the user himself through some sharp instrument.

Also, the long laces of these bags add to the extra weight and leads to the balancing problems of the bag. This needs to be taken care of in order to make the bag user friendly


From the above, we find that the Title Speed Bags are one of the best boxing bags available in the market with the characteristics of various sizes and high durability. It is a product with a reasonable price and perfect quality.


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