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Platinum Atomic Title Speed BagsProduct Introduction

In the game of boxing, two individuals involve themselves in the competition of strength, power and solidity. They wear the boxing gloves especially meant for this game and throw punches at each other. The game is not as simple as it sounds. It requires technique, art and strength of course. A boxer can acquire all these elements by regular practice. In absence of a competitor or a partner to practice with, a Boxing speed bag proves to be a promising thing. It helps practicing all the punching techniques and develops strength for a powerful punch. A wide range of boxing speed bags is available in market. They are available in different colors, styles, strengths, fashion and sizes. The boxing speed bags that are available in market vary in the quality of the material used for their manufacturing. One of the best boxing speed bags is Platinum Atomic Speed Bags by TITLE BOXING.

Product Details

TITLE Platinum Atomic Speed Bag is one of the best boxing speed bags products by TITLE BOXING. TITLE BOXING is well known for its good quality. It has been serving with the best of the products especially designed and manufactured for the boxing lovers. The platinum atomic speed bag is available in two sizes XXS Super Pro (4”*6”) and XS mini Pro (5”*7”). The buyer can get boxing speed bag of the size which comforts him the most. The bag has a trendy look with the combination of the black and platinum colors making it very attractive. The color is such that the bag is unisex. It is easily acceptable by the teens and youngsters. The speed boxing bags are generally cylindrical and filled with sand, rags, grains hung at the top. But this Platinum Atomic Speed Bag has got this drop like unique shape.

Title Boxing Speed Bag is crafted with leather welted seams and nylon threading stitching done three folds. It is completed with a butyl latex rubber bladder. It provides the bag with speedy rebounds, jet fast action and complete balance.

It has all the “should haves” of a speed boxing bag. Apart from the promises and guarantees made by companies, the customers’ feedbacks also support the product. With the best of the raw materials and manufacturing methods used, it has become fastest, lightning quick, micro techno speed bag. It gives the speediest of the rebounds helping the user become swift in his punches and responses. It has all the abilities to bring the best out of a player.


The Title Boxing Speed Bag has raised the level of the punching bags manifolds. The leather and the latex rubber give the bag sturdiness which is the first and foremost quality a punching bag should have. The quality of stitching done to it makes it stand against all the wear and tear after many punches. It is attractive, robust and solid in nature. It allows user to practice his hand eye coordination in a very speedy manner. It also helps to learn the shifting of the body weight between the two legs while punching. These techniques are crucial for a boxing player to command on. Platinum Speed Bags by TITLE give you the space for all.


The bag could hardly have any disadvantage. It is worth buying for all the people passionate about boxing. And a must have for those who want to build a career in boxing. Introduced after an exhaustive research, this Platinum Speed Bag by TITLE is another promising product.


If there could be a best of the punching bags then TITLE Platinum Atomic Speed Bag takes that spot. The longevity of the leather and the latex make it highly durable.


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