Title Black Pro Speed Bag Full Review

Boxing Speed Bag: Title Black ProProduct Introduction

All those people who are training to be heavyweight boxers should understand the importance of boxing speed bags in their training sessions. Speed bags are great for working out to get a fit body and toned arms. Many people have made speed bags a part of their routine training. Boxing Speed bags are essentially small sized punching bags. They offer a variety of benefits to the sportspersons not only engaged in boxing but other sports like basketball, baseball, volleyball, football as well. It helps improve hand to eye coordination, enhance arm strength as well as endurance, results in quicker reflexes and offers an amazing cardiovascular workout. Speed bags, hence, have become quite popular these days among fitness conscious people. Initially, working out with speed bags seemed a tad bit difficult. However, one can get a hang of it with regular training. It requires consistent practice and patience. It is required that interested people look for guides to use the speed bags in the right way. The speed bags needs to be adjusted to proper height for good training. The fattest part of the speed bag i.e. the belly should be at the level of the mouth or chin of the user. Many people are not aware of the right height and hang the bag too high to cause strains in the muscle. It is necessary to learn the right technique of speed bag training. Title Black Boxing Speed Bags are some of the best boxing speed bags recommended for training.

Product Details

Available in black color, Title Black Boxing Speed Bags are offered in three sizes. They are extra small i.e. 5 inches x 8 inch, small i.e. 6 inch x 9 inch and medium i.e. 7 inch x 10 inch. The Title Black equipment line offers the maximum with brilliant and premium patent leathers and full grain leathers. This offers the users incredible fast action. The speed bags from Title are precision balanced for professional rebounds. They are designed to offer accurate drive with navigation path, features that are demanded by dedicated athletes. The making of the speed bags is quite interesting so that they stand the test of time. The seams are suede leather welted. They are stitched three times with nylon Dura thread. This means the speed bags last for incredible life span and are quite durable. The bladder of the speed bag has polyethylene butyl rubber, which is micro thin. This has been done to enhance the speed without compromising on the longevity of the speed bag. To offer good advantage to serious athletes, the speed bag features a tri layer hanging loop composed of leather.


Speed bag from Title helps users to achieve not just one goal but many versatile ones. Many users believe speed bag training is only about hand to eye coordination and speed. However, if used correctly under the supervision of an expert, speed bag training offers many benefits that most of the other training equipments do not. The most important benefit that one gains with speed bag training is sense of timing. Speed bag training is all about how a user moves the hands in relation to the sound of the bag when it is rebounding off the platform. The user needs to maintain successive movements in order to work them together and gain a good sense of rhythm. Speed bag essentially helps create the sense of harmony. Get Boxing Speed Bag by making a purchase order online or through retail outlets.


There are no drawbacks of training on Title Boxing Speed Bag if done under supervision. Get speed bags from Title to get an edge in the game of boxing.


Title Boxing Speed Bags are worth investing. They last for a longer duration due to the amazing make of the products.


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