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The Speed Bags are an apparatus mainly used to learn Boxing. These bags are inflated with the air to give sufficient boxing practice to the boxers. Learning Boxing through speed bag is not about learning punching techniques, but about learning meditation. Yes, this is completely right because these speed bags not only train the boxer to punch, but it also trains the boxer to punch at the right time with the right force. These types of Boxing Speed Bags help to improve the coordination between the hands and eyes of the players as well as increase the stamina of the boxer. It is a perfect exercise to increase concentration and train the reflexes to react at the right moment. Basically, these types of bags are the Best Boxing Speed Bags because they prepare the muscles to move quickly with the right amount of power.

Product Details

Promex Speed BagThe Pro mex Professional Boxing Speed Bag is a speed bag with the quality and style of Mexican nature. One must get Boxing Speed Bag to develop concentration skills and rhythm between action and reaction. The Pro Mex Boxing Bag provides these characteristics effortlessly and is thus very successful as boxing equipment. Not only does it condition the shoulders, it provides a superb workout for hands as well as the complete body. These Boxing Speed bags can be used by any person irrespective of the gender, age or any fitness criterion. The risk of hurt of injury is also very low into this type of exercise. It is very comfortable to use it, as such and activity can be performed at any time of the day.

In order to provide the quick response and heavy durability, these professional bags are made of the fine quality leather from goat skin. These bags are stitched thrice and bonded well to give out best results. The Pro Mex Boxing Speed Bag is available in three different sizes- extra small, small and medium. The bag with the extra small size is available in the golden color, while the small sized bag is provided in red color. The medium size bag is available in black color. All the three bags blow and take shape according to their size capacity.


Professional Speed Bag: Pro MexThe Pro Mex Boxing Speed Bag has several advantages. Some are as presented here. These speed boxing bags are perfect in shape and size from starting till the end of their use. These are nice boxing balls as they hold the air properly and need not be blown repeatedly to give shape. Made from high grade leather, these speed bags are solid and have a soft and smooth texture to its material. This enables the bag to swivel perfectly while boxing and thus allows the boxer to learn with higher consistency and concentration. This type of boxing bag is well made and well balanced too. Great for the sports and body workout, it can be used in different types of sports like baseball, soccer or volleyball. It equips the boxer to punch the opponent exactly at the right point, while avoiding the blow from him at the same time. Pro Mex Speed bag does it all because of its durable conditions and variety of sizes. Because of the way this speed boxing bag is designed, a player learns the art of boxing easily. Proper shape of this Pro Mex bag allows it to move properly thereby maintaining the hit timing and the reaction timing of the bag. This helps the boxer to develop his muscles and gain strength into the arms and shoulders. It is a great way to set, reach and advance targets for the players.


The major disadvantage of the boxing speed bags are that these do not allow the boxer the live boxing experience. No matter how regularly they practice, the boxing speed bags cannot act and react like a real opponent of the player.


The Boxing Speed Bag is a good way to learn and practice boxing along with a nice package of complete workout.


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