Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Punch Bag S – 6″x9″

Punching Speed BagProduct Introduction

Boxing Speed Bags are the sturdy bags designed to be repeatedly punched. These are usually in cylindrical forms and filled with various materials of corresponding hardness. Use of Boxing Speed Bags has been started first in military trainings like for Martial Arts and swordplay. These bags have also been used in Karate, Boxing and for practicing kicking to develop good punching skills. Now–a-days, boxing is also being considered as one of the major sports in some countries. There are so many people who live with the dream of making a career in boxing. These speedy punching bags helps them to fulfill their dreams as these Boxing Speed Bags guide them to start practicing of their own without much needed help. There are no unique skills required for using these Boxing Speed Bags. In this advertising world, there are wide varieties available in market for the boxing bags. One of the famous and well known brands are Pro-Impact which provides a large variety of Boxing Speed Punch bag. It offers huge varieties of Boxing Speed Bags. One of them is Pro-Impact Genuine Leather Speed Punch Bag.

Product Details

Pro Impact Boxing Speed Bag is of pear shape Boxing Speed Bags which is made up of 100 percent top grade genuine leather .This pear shaped balancing Boxing Speed Bag is stitched in such a way that Countless hits cannot make any difference on this. Boxers, who use this, recommend it and say that “it is one of the Best Boxing Speed Bag at present”. It has heavy duty latex bladder which is very tough.

Also this bag is considered to be the best in terms of responsiveness as boxers get great results by practicing for few days only as compared to other bags. Fashionable people just love this as this bag looks very trendy and also it is easy to carry anywhere. The shipping weight of Pro-Impact punching bag is one pound. It is available in black color and the measurement is 6 inch by 10 inch which is of medium size and easy to handle.

It is one of the excellent bags that are not only affordable but also durable and strong enough. People who have used Pro-Impact Genuine Leather Speed Punch Bag have provided great reviews.


Pro-Impact Speed Punch Bags are considered as the Best Boxing Speed bags for the sports person. These bags offer a range of benefits to the sporty people. Sports person can increase their muscle strength and stamina by practicing with these Boxing Speed Bags. Leather Punching bags helps in improving action and reaction theory of boxers which is the most important thing to consider. Boxers should know when there is an action that there should be an immediate reaction without wasting a single second. These Boxing Speed bags help to improve their timings as well. All those who are new in Boxing and has started recently with these Boxing Speed bags can initially begin with some number of rebounds .As they feel that their timings has been improved than they can decrease the counts. Anybody can easily Get Boxing Speed Bags online or through any retail shop. These bags are easily available everywhere.


Boxing Speed bags doesn’t have such drawbacks that need be pointed out. They are recommended for their tough bladder and durability. All should use this with the precaution and if people are going to use this first time then ask your trainer first before using it.


Boxing Speed Bags are the best Boxing Speed Bags for the fresher’s as well as for the experienced boxers. They are truly money saver and lasts for a longer time. Hence one should get these. Get Boxing Speed Bag from Pro-Impact, try them, enhance your punching skills and make your dreams come true.


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