Pro Impact Durahide Speedbag XS – 5 x 7 Review

Pro Impact Durahide Speed BagProduct Introduction

Boxing Speed bags have been in existence for quite some time now. Speed bag when used properly offers a range of benefits to the practitioner, especially in the game of boxing. Speed bags can also be used as a training tool by sportspersons for developing skills for the game of basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and others. With the help of speed bag, fighter can mix both fists and elbows in a nonstop attack from all the directions. While training, the user emanates amazing sound and power. Seeing a person practice on the boxing speed bag offers motivation. The rhythm of the practice session is quite hypnotic. It even encourages and interests the users. Hence, many people prefer practicing on the speed bag. However, to become a professional at using the speed bag, one needs to be consistent and regular. To reach the higher levels, one needs to take guidance from an expert and understand how the speed bag training works. All kinds of sports that require the person to put their hands rapidly at one specific point to hit, block or catch a moving object, be it a ball, foot or even fist, then speed bag training is very beneficial. Pro Impact Durahide Speed bag is one of the best boxing speed bags recommended by trainers and fighters.

Product Details

Pro Impact Boxing Speed bag is specially designed for those individuals who are dedicated to make their mark on the field. The speed bag is composed of durahide material i.e. synthetic leather. The material is used such that the speed bag lasts for a long period without any hassles. The seam of the bag is stitched three times. Pro Impact Boxing Speed bag ensures both the quality and durability of the speed bag. The lace up of the speed bag makes bladder removal easy and simple. The speed bag is available in extra small, small and medium size. The size of the speed bag should be chosen by a person depending upon his or her height. Pro Impact boxing speed bag is lined to offer additional strength. The speed bag is available at an affordable price. It offers value for money and high end performance to the users. The shipping weight of the speed bag is 5.6 ounces. On arrival, the user just needs to hang the Speed Bag on a platform for training sessions. It is necessary to determine the height of the speed bag. The middle sections should reach the chin of the user. Or the height might result in extra strain on the muscle of the user.


Get Boxing Speed bag for a range of benefits. Firstly it helps improve the eye to hand coordination in addition to rhythm of the foot. The user needs to target the bar for repetitive contacts with either one or both the hands. This needs to be done continuously at the right moment. One can do the movements standing still on one place. The user can alternatively practice the footwork along with the hand movements. Secondly, the speed bag helps improve the rhythm and timing of the fighters. The user needs to maintain flowing hand movements with arm in a constant rhythm. This needs to be done at a consistent speed as well as force. Speed bag even helps enhance the speed of the hand and the punching power of the fighter. One is required to make the speed bag moving at a constant speed rate. The user even requires using consistent punching force. As the speed of the hand increases, the power of punching does too.


There are no drawbacks or disadvantages of using Pro Impact Boxing Speed Bag. It should be under the guidance of an expert.


Pro Impact Boxing Speed Bag is highly recommended product. Get Boxing Speed bag from Pro Impact for added benefits.


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