Everlast Leather Speed Bag 7″ x 10″

Leather Everlast Speed BagProduct Introduction

Boxing Speed bags refer to small sized bags filled with air. They are anchored at the top with a rebound platform that is parallel to the base or ground. Speed bags offer various benefits not only to the fighters in the field of boxing but other sportspersons as well. They help the fighter learn how to keep their hands up and improve the hand to eye coordination. With regular training, fighters learn how to shift their weight between their feet while punching. Boxing Speed bags are also known as speed ball bags or just speed balls. Speed bags are normally filled with air. They are fitted around the tight leather or Polyurethane based material. Speed bags are available in various sizes. They need to be hung depending upon the height of the fighter. The larger the speed bag, the slower it is and more the force is needed for moving it. Large sized speed bags are utilized for developing more endurance and strength in the fighters. The smaller ones on the other hand, focus on developing quicker speed of the hand as well as timing and coordination. Beginners may think that the speed bags are essentially control bags. However, once they start practicing regularly, they will get the hang of them. Everlast Leather Speed Bag is the best speed bag available in the market at present.

Product Details

Everlast Boxing Speed Bag is available in 7 inch x 10 inch. It is composed of premium grade leather. The speed bag is designed and balanced for offering the users professional and accurate rebounds. Everlast is a very renowned brand that is known for offering a variety of equipments and accessories related to boxing and other sports. However, the brand has created a niche in the market by offering professional boxing gears. Everlast boxing speed bag offers the users a range of benefits. Working with the bag helps users develop an edge in the game. Speed bags are smaller version of actual punching bags. Hence, they are good for a start in the game. Consistent practice helps develop shoulder muscles as well as reflexes. While the hand to eye coordination benefit is known by everyone, what people do not know that regular practice with speed bags result in fast twitch muscles. There is a variety of exercises that can be performed with Everlast boxing speed bags. Other benefits are improvement in speed, enhancement in reaction time, etc. The speed bag is known to encourage the maximum use of physical traits. However, one should not use it casually but under the instructions of an experienced person.


Get Speed Bags from Everlast to get a range of benefits. When performed the right way, speed bag training motivates the fighter to keep the hands up, one of the important traits required to master the art of boxing. When the fighter keeps the hands up on a regular basis, they become accustomed to keep their hands up during the competition. This gives them an edge over the competitor. Punching nonstop helps the fighter continue the game in the best possible manner. With speed bag training, users maintain constant arm movements with consistent force and speed. They can even improve their footwork with the bag. It helps increase the speed of the hand and also the power of punching. There are a number of fitness benefits as well while working out with punching bags. They are indeed one of the best boxing speed bags.


Boxing speed bag training should be done under an expert. It should not be taken casually as it might result in injuries. However, Speed Bag training helps reduce the risk of injuries as compared to other equipments.


Get boxing Speed Bag from Everlast for getting an edge in boxing and other sports. It is one of the highly recommended products in the market at present.


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