Everlast 4214 Leather Speed Bag (Small, 10×7)

Leather Everlast 4214 - Speed BagProduct Introduction

Boxing Speed bags top the list of sportspersons who are training in any kind of sports. However, they are the most important equipments in the field of boxing. Everlast is one of the brands that offer great speed bags that are recommended by trainers all over the world. The brand Everlast is well known for offering a variety of high end boxing equipments and tools. It is a renowned brand internationally for manufacturing boxing equipments. Initially, the brand was known as a swimwear manufacturer in the year 1910. However, it diversified later. The brand office is headquartered in Bronx in New York. Founded by Jacob Golomb, a 17 year old boy, the company offers swimwear that could last for the entire year as opposed to just a season. Jacob Golomb named his company Everlast based on the everlasting features of the products. While the manufacturing of swimsuit did not last through years, the brand did and made a market for itself in the industry. Everlast offers high end boxing gloves, speed bags and other equipments related to sports, especially boxing. The company is known for its boxing gear around the world. Everlast boxing speed bag is among the best boxing speed bags that top the list in the market at present.

Product Details

Everlast boxing speed bag is composed of leather. It is shaped in an unique design. In addition, it is balanced to offer superior speed in addition to accuracy that it delivers with every punch. The fully bound speed bag is composed with robust genuine leather. The boxing speed bag is manufactured for offering the dedicated boxers with tough and strong workouts every day and in every session. The enhanced flat welting of the speed bag comes with double stitching. This ensures durability, making the speed bag last for many sessions. It even offers comfort along with proficiency. The super speed rubber bladder of the Everlast boxing speed bag offers extreme balance together with recoil with every punch. All those boxers who train with Everlast boxing speed bag have noticed that their hand to eye coordination has increased in addition to their muscular endurance. Everlast speed bag is quite popular among the athletes for home exercises. It is equally known among training boxers. Everlast men and women accessories and apparel are successful and popular not only in the ring but outside as well. Everlast boxing trunks as well as equipments remain undefeated champions of the industry since 90 years.


The most important quality of Everlast boxing speed bag is that they inspire the training boxers to give their best. The fundamental concept of hitting this best boxing speed bag is to acquire rhythm. This trait is an essential one not only for the boxers but also for other athletes who are training for sports like basketball, baseball, football, volleyball hockey or soccer. With consistent training on the Everlast boxing speed bag, training boxers get the benefit of hand to eye coordination. They even notice improvement in the body muscular endurance. The regular rhythm and hitting is necessary to develop the required skills for the field. Everlast speed bag is composed of top grade genuine leather. The speed bag is gyro balanced for getting super fast action. It is fully bound and is lined with rawhide lace closure. The 10 inch x 7 inch size of the speed bag is challenging. The shipping weight is 13.6 ounces. One can easily get boxing speed bags by making an online purchase.


There are no drawbacks or disadvantages of training on Everlast Boxing Speed Bag. It is a renowned brand among the training boxers. However, the speed bag should be used with caution by beginners.


Everlast boxing speed bag is composed of super grade leather. It is designed to last and offers a variety of benefits with consistent practice. Get boxing speed bag from Everlast for long lasting performance.


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