Boxing speed bags homeDetailed Understanding: Boxing Speed Bags The speed bag is an essential tool for all those people who are preparing themselves for boxing as a sport. Featured in most of the sports movies, the boxing speed bag has acquired a cult status amongst boxing fans. Practitioners punch the speed bag with their gloves and it moves back and forth with speed. Punching the bag makes the boxer get pumped up for more practice. The primary benefit of speed bag training is that it helps improve hand to eye coordination, a trait that is essential in all the sports like baseball, basketball, volleyball and others. Hand to eye coordination is very much important in boxing because the person is required to throw punches accurately while avoiding the same from the opponents. Benefits of utilizing Boxing Speed Bag: Boxing Speed bags have become quite necessary for enhancing the practice sessions of many sports. It can be used creatively by the trainers for improving not only the punching skills but a host of other things in the players. Firstly, it helps improve the hand to eye coordination of the players. Secondly, it is good for improving rhythm as well as timing, two of the most important traits in any sports, be it boxing or basketball, football, baseball and others. In sports, the person needs to deliver not only faster but in a powerful way. Boxers need to improve their repetitive combinations for punching while moving their fists in shorter distances than that practiced in regular punching. Players using boxing speed bags can notice improved shoulder as well as arm strength. In addition, they experience added benefits of endurance. All those boxers who need to add definition to both their shoulders and arms require speed bag training on a regular basis. This will help them accomplish their goals. Speed bags are more fun as compared to shoulder raise exercises. Boxing Speed bags are considered to be great training equipments by the athletes. They can be used by everyone who needs to train themselves and even benefit from training. Irrespective of their age, fitness level or gender, speed bags offer the required benefits to the users. The risk of injury reduces with the speed bag training sessions. It is an activity that does not have repercussions. Anyone can try their hand at speed bag training. One can easily get Boxing speed bags by making an easy online purchase.

Top 10 Boxing Speed Bags Review

Boxing Speed Bags Comparison
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Pro Impact
 XS 5x7, S , M
Durahide material (Synthetic Leather)
Triple stitched seams
S 10 x 7
top-grade genuine leather
 XS 5x8, S 6x9 , M 7x10
full grain leathers, brilliant and luxurious patent leathers
polyethylene butyl rubber inside bladder
Suede leather welted seams triple stitched with nylon dura-thread
Pro Impact
100% Top grade leather
Heavy duty latex bladder
Triple reinforced, All leather bound and welted seams
Size1 5x8, Size2 6x9, Size3 7x10
finest goatskin leather
Triple stitching and welted seams
Title Boxing
Size5 5x8, Size6 6x9, Size7 7x10, Size9 8x 11, Size10 10x 12
toughest, super-fast lightweight leather
long-life inner bladder.
All leather, welted and triple-stitched seams
Title Boxing
 S 5x8, M 6x9 , L 7x10
Top grade leather
butyl rubber pro bladder with special internal balancing
triple reinforced leather seams
Title Boxing
Size 1 6x9, Size 2 5x8
Tough, super fast and lightweight leather
extended-life rubber bladder
All-leather welted seams, triple stitched and precision balanced
Title Boxing
XXS Super Pro 4 x 6, XS Mini Pro 5 x 7
crafted with leather
butyl latex rubber bladde
welted seams and triple stitched nylon threading
7 x 10
Premium grade leather

Top brands present in this segment:

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags-h1. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags: Title boxing gyro balanced speed bags are designed with precision gyro balanced manufacturing. This assures true rebounds as well as rapid recoiling. Ultimately, it helps in developing lighting fast reflexes while improving the quickness together with hand to eye coordination. The speed bag features top grade leather shell with the benefit of triple reinforced leather seams. The lacing is done for persistent and balanced workouts in every session. The speed bag includes the butyl rubber pro bladder that comes with special internal balancing. This helps give maximum results. The shipping weight of the Speed Bag is 7.2 ounces. It is available in black color. There are three sizes available in the Title Boxing speed bags. They are small, medium and large. While the small measures 5 inch x 8 inch, medium measures 6 inch x 9 inch and large measures 7 inch x 10 inch. It is one of the most excellent speed bags that are not only affordable but also durable due to their making. [Read More…]

TITLE Classic Speed Bags-h2. TITLE Classic Speed Bags: Title boxing speed bags come in a package of two for the comfort and convenience of the users. They are offered in two sizes, one of them is 6 inch x 9 inch and another one is 5 inch x 8 inch. The speed bags are tough and super fast. They are light in weight and built of leather. They are perfect in all weathers with the benefit of welted seams. They arrive triple stitched and have precision balanced that offer true rebounds. The loops of both the speed bags are extra reinforced. This makes them highly durable in the long run. The speed bags are complete with rubber bladder that offers extended life. Both the bags are slightly smaller in size for enhanced practice sessions. They are slightly light in weight than the usual speed bags. These best boxing speed bags arrive to the user in good shape without any damages. They offer great action and are quite durable. [Read More…]

TITLE Speed Bags-h3. TITLE Speed Bags: Title Speed Bag is the best boxing speed bag made up of tough leather. Title speed bag can be used to improve the boxing skills as well as for the upper body workout. This type of speed bag contributes a long way in developing the hitting, bouncing and hitting techniques. The Title Speed Bag is available in five different sizes from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Each of these bags can be inflated into different sizes and are used according to the Boxer’s level. For beginners it is recommended to use the large sized bag, while for the advanced players, the small or mini bags are perfect. Thus it is a great option to improve the hand speed too. These boxing bags are sturdy in nature, made of high quality leather and are stitched thrice for higher durability. Their loops are square shaped and thus can bear extra wear and tear. Handles, Seams and the inside bladder, all are reinforced to give out best in quality and time performance. [Read More…]

Everlast 4214 Leather Speed Bag-h4. Everlast 4214 Leather Speed Bag: Everlast boxing speed bag is composed of leather. It is shaped in an unique design. It is balanced to offer superior speed in addition to accuracy that it delivers with every punch. The fully bound speed bag is composed with robust genuine leather. The boxing speed bag is manufactured for offering the dedicated boxers with tough and strong workouts every day and in every session. The enhanced flat welting of the speed bag comes with double stitching. This ensures durability, making the speed bag last for many sessions. It even offers comfort along with proficiency. The super speed rubber bladder of the Everlast boxing speed bag offers extreme balance together with recoil with every punch. All those boxers who train with Everlast boxing speed bag have noticed that their hand to eye coordination has increased in addition to their muscular endurance. [Read More…]

TITLE Platinum Atomic Speed Bags-h5. TITLE Platinum Atomic Speed Bags: TITLE Platinum Atomic Speed Bag is one of the best speed boxing bags products by TITLE BOXING. It has been serving with the best of the products especially designed and manufactured for the boxing lovers. The platinum atomic speed bag is available in two sizes XXS Super Pro (4”*6”) and XS mini Pro (5”*7”). The bag has a trendy look with the combination of the black and platinum colors making it very attractive. The color is such that the bag is unisex. It is easily acceptable by the teens and youngsters. The speed boxing bags are generally cylindrical and filled with sand, rags, grains hung at the top. But this Platinum Atomic Speed Bag has got this drop like unique shape. Title Boxing Speed Bag is crafted with leather welted seams and nylon threading stitching done three folds. It is completed with a butyl latex rubber bladder. It provides the bag with speedy rebounds, jet fast action and complete balance. [Read More…]

Pro Mex Professional Speed Bags-h6. Pro Mex Professional Speed Bags: The Promex Professional Boxing Speed Bag is a speed bag with the quality and style of Mexican nature. One must get Boxing Speed Bag to develop concentration skills and rhythm between action and reaction. The Promex Boxing Bag provides these characteristics effortlessly and is thus very successful as boxing equipment. Not only does it condition the shoulders, it provides a superb workout for hands as well as the complete body. These Boxing Speed bags can be used by any person irrespective of the gender, age or any fitness criterion. The risk of hurt or injury is also very low into this type of exercise. The Promex Boxing Speed Bag is available in three different sizes- extra small, small and medium. [Read More…]

TITLE BLACK Pro Speed Bag-h7. TITLE BLACK® Pro Speed Bag: Available in black color, Title Black Boxing Speed Bags are offered in three sizes. They are extra small i.e. 5 inches x 8 inch, small i.e. 6 inch x 9 inch and medium i.e. 7 inch x 10 inch. The Title Black equipment line offers the maximum with brilliant and premium patent leathers and full grain leathers. This offers the users incredible fast action. The speed bags from Title are precision balanced for professional rebounds. They are designed to offer accurate drive with navigation path, features that are demanded by dedicated athletes. The seams are suede leather welted. They are stitched three times with nylon Dura thread. This means the speed bags last for incredible life span and are quite durable. The bladder of the speed bag has polyethylene butyl rubber, which is micro thin. This has been done to enhance the speed without compromising on the longevity of the speed bag. [Read More…]

Everlast Leather Speed Bag-h8. Everlast Leather Speed Bag 7″ x 10″: Everlast Boxing Speed Bag is available in 7 inch x 10 inch. It is composed of premium grade leather. The speed bag is designed and balanced for offering the users professional and accurate rebounds. Everlast is a very renowned brand that is known for offering a variety of equipments and accessories related to boxing and other sports. However, the brand has created a niche in the market by offering professional boxing gears. Everlast boxing speed bag offers the users a range of benefits. Working with the bag helps users develop an edge in the game. Speed bags are smaller version of actual punching bags. Hence, they are good for a start in the game. Consistent practice helps develop shoulder muscles as well as reflexes. While the hand to eye coordination benefit is known by everyone, what people do not know that regular practice with speed bags result in fast twitch muscles. There are a variety of exercises that can be performed with Everlast boxing speed bags. Other benefits are improvement in speed, enhancement in reaction time, etc. [Read More…]

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag-h9. Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed bag Punch Bag: Pro-Impact Speed Punch bag is of pear shape Boxing Speed Bags which are made up of 100 percent top grade genuine leather .This pear shaped balancing Boxing Speed Bag is stitched in such a way that Countless hits cannot make any difference in this. Boxers, who use this, recommend it and say that “it is one of the Best Boxing Speed Bag at present”. It has heavy duty latex bladder which is very tough. Fashionable people just love this as this bag looks very trendy and also it is easy to carry anywhere. The shipping weight of Pro-Impact punching bag is one pound. It is available in black color and the measurement is 6 inch by 10 inch which is of medium size and easy to handle. It is one of those bags that are not only affordable but also durable and strong enough. People who have used Pro-Impact Genuine Leather Speed Punch Bag have provided great reviews. [Read More…]

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag-h10. Pro Impact Durahide Speed bag: Pro Impact Boxing Speed bag is specially designed for those individuals who are dedicated to make their mark on the field. The speed bag is composed of durahide material i.e. synthetic leather. The material is such used that the speed bag lasts for a long period without any hassles. The seam of the bag is stitched three times. Pro Impact Boxing Speed bag ensures both the quality and durability of the speed bag. The lace up of the speed bag makes bladder removal easy and simple. The speed bag is available in extra small, small and medium size. The size of the speed bag should be chosen by a person depending upon his or her height. The speed bag is available at an affordable price. It offers value for money and high end performance to the users. The shipping weight of the speed bag is 5.6 ounces. On arrival, the user just needs to hang the Speed Bag on a platform for training sessions. [Read More…]